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Class Policy & Disclaimer

Section 1 (a) - Classes

  • Schuler's ESL Teaching provides English teaching for those who are seeking to improve their English skills.

  • Schuler's Scripts creates written content for reliable companies, influencers, and people.

  • Schuler's Scripts creates original content by Jaana Schuler and does not plagiarize. Any likeness of writing and/or content, found online or offline, which could be viewed as 'plagiarism' is entirely coincidental.

  • Each student(s) that applies to Schuler's ESL Teaching is carefully vetted out to make sure each student is authentic, honest, and actively willing to partake in classes. Any student(s) who do not show these qualities are not accepted.

  • All classes are only held online over Zoom and/or Skype.

  • Each student must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times in class and while communicating with tutors.

  • Section 1 (B) - Behaviour

  • Any unprofessionalism is not tolerated and will result in a discontinuation of classes immediately. Behaviours which are not tolerated are: continually missing scheduled classes, consistent rescheduling of classes, last-minute cancellations, and an unwillingness to partake in class activities.

  • There is absolutely no tolerance of: vulgar language, harassment, religious/political proselytizing, flirting, pornography, illegal material (as defined by Canadian law in the most recent revised Canadian Criminal Code), illegal drugs, and the like. Any such behaviour or indication of will allow for the tutor to leave the class immediately and cease all contact with the student(s) and/or potential student(s).

  • Schuler's ESL Teaching promotes an inclusive and safe environment. We do not discriminate, or tolerate any discrimination, against national origin, race, colour, religion, disability, sex, gender/gender expression, or sexual orientation.

  • Schuler's ESL Teaching is catered only towards diligent students who are proactive in their studies. If the student neglects to schedule future classes, misses the first lesson, or refuses to communicate with their tutor on a regular basis, said student will be unable to return to Schuler's ESL Teaching in the future.

  • Student(s) must not be involved in any illegal activity while associating with Schuler's ESL Teaching. If any illegal activity should be found out by Schuler's ESL Teaching, the student(s) will be immediately and permanently banned.

  • Any illegal activity towards Schuler's ESL Teaching and/or current associated business partner(s) will result in legal action.

Section 2 (A) - Payment of Classes

  • There are absolutely no discounts because a student chooses to leave class early without the previous knowledge and agreement of the tutor.

  • Students are required to pay class(es) before their scheduled class(es) begins. (Min. 30 minutes prior)

  • All prices are set as shown on this website.

  • All payments must be made in CAD or USD currency and sent to through PayPal or Interact E-Transfer.

  • We do not accept payments of cheque or IOU's.

  • Section 2 (B) - Business Partnerships

  • Jaana Schuler does not accept business partnerships or contracts without the full and legal consultation of a practising lawyer and/or a third party which Jaana Schuler chooses.

  • Jaana Schuler does not accept any verbal, non-verbal, or suggested business proposals, meetings, agreements, or contracts that has not been permanently written down without the consent of Jaana Schuler, the secondary party, as well as a practising lawyer and/or a third party which Jaana Schuler chooses.

    Section 3 (A) - Liability

  • Schuler's ESL Teaching does not manufacture, send, or intentionally associate/have connection with any known or unknown computer virus(es).

  • Schuler's ESL Teaching does not claim any connection whatsoever to website(s), person(s), business(es), corporation(s), etc. which is associated knowingly or unknowingly with any type illegal activity as defined in the most recent revised version of the Canadian Criminal Code.

  • Schuler's ESL Teaching is not liable for any activity found on a third party website(s).

  • Schuler's ESL Teaching agrees to live within Canadian law, online and offline, and does not accept any illegal and/or mischievous activities and/or behaviour.

  • Schuler's ESL Teaching is based from Canada and therefore complacent under Canadian law. Any international current/potential student(s), business partnership(s), associate(s), person(s), etc. who comes in contact with Schuler's ESL Teaching must comply with both Canadian law as well as the federal law in which country they currently reside in.

  • Schuler's ESL Teaching understands that there are students who are not fully comprehensible in English, as such, we require that the student still fully understands these policies and disclaimer before agreeing through the use of a reliable online translator and/or third party who is fully fluent between English and the native language of the student(s).

  • Agreement to these policies and disclaimer confirms that it was understood completely prior to confirmation, whether in English or through the use of a reliable online translator and/or third party who is fully fluent between English and the native language of the student(s).

  • All above policies and disclaimer directly apply to any potential/current business partnership(s).


**Students are assumed to have read and accepted each policy and disclaimer with full understanding before their first official class begins.**

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